Gargoyle's Stoneplate in ARAM

Hello fellow ARAM fans, as the title already states, I hereby shall make a request for riot to disable Gargoyle's Stoneplate in ARAM. After ARAM took already heavy changes with the introduction of Courage of the Colussus, this item definetely goes too far as much as ARAM is concerned. After all, it provides 80 MR and 80 Armor (almost constantly) with a nice little 100% HP increasing "shield" on top of it for the ridiculous sum of 2400 gold. By its teamfight-heavy nature ARAM provides a way too good environment for this item to use as a habitat. So please, Riot, would you be so dear to remove this item from ARAM? It just creates a huge disturbance in class equality in ARAMs. Best regards, Someone who loves ARAM
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