Hi. I've played today a 2 or 3 games with Talon. I am level 5 Talon since 2 months and willing to get 6 but here's the problem. I am not able to do that. All the games i played with him i lost. It's not that i lose my lane but i am not able to help my team. I tried carrying my team but still fail to do that. Everytime i enter a teamfight, i am able to kill mostly ADC then it's hard to stay alive unless i had a flash or something. Problems i am facing is, my damage. I always feel a bit weak, i used to feel stronger... Like much much stronger. I don't know where my problem lies. Is Talon weaker than i think he is now? Or is it i am not playing him right? I would really appreciate some help and tips. Thank you for reading.
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