buff riven pls

Guys before i get 100 downvotes and everyone saying "omg buff riven??? she's so op your just bad with her" i'll tell you this 1st. i'm not saying she should have a 5.5 sec shield and 500 base dmg lvl 1 im just asking for normal buffs 2nd. yes i am bad with her i'm not boxbox i'm not brna i'm not it viper 3rd. honestly i feel that she just gets out classed by alot of top laner's (if not all) if her combo gets interrupted even once all her dmg is gone, do you know how it feels to fight a volibear that has 1 maybe 2 dmg items and the rest tank items and having more dmg then you even tho your build is full ad its absurd. She has 0 hp regen let one trade go bad and you lost all your hp and it takes hours to heal (without pots) the thing is that she has a hard time not only because of the tank meta but because her items were also nerfed and her runes/masteries too and thats not all even if your lane went well and you have a kill yes you will be lvl 6 first and probably get another kill but once you use your ult the next time you'll be able to use it again is when you and both your enemy laner are lvl 8 due to the absurd rank 1 ult cooldown its longer then 2 min 150 sec i think. Riven is supposed to be a champ that can snowball very well because of her kit having the ability to fight mutiple enemies at once but i havent even noticed the silghtest bit of that, whats even worse is that when you try to get a kill bot by tp'ing it takes 500 years to even be there thanks to the tp nerfs 4,5 seconds it has occured to me multiple times that i tp'd bot to get a kill but then enemy bot laners already went out and i had to b and then go top again. Yes it is true that riven can still nuke the carries but that's only if you dont get one shotted yourself because tanks do more dmg then carries now. i have some suggestions 1. lower the ult cd because its waaaaaaaaaay to long now. 2. maybe make her w also an aa reset for a smoother combo. 3. lower her spells cd early ranks. 4. make her q do more dmg rank 1 srsly its base dmg is 10 FREAKING 10 riven is supposed to be a strong early game champ yet her q dmg is 10. 5. increase ult missle speed a bit. 6. increase shield to 2 sec at max rank you might be thinking omg 2 sec shield on 3,3 sec cd but lets be honest she only gets that when she max it out first and has 45% cd and that's lvl 10+ and even if she manages to get it before lvl 10 then it will still cost her some dmg only thing it will do is make her less squishy and diana has a 10 sec shield that increases that's unfair to isn't it. 7. make a new item im not saying it should be just like the old brutilizar but something like that would be good. 8. remove cd runes and masteries nerf. 9. and what was that -5 ms nerf all about that was just out of the blue. it doesnt really matter but still. 10. maybe increase early rank dmg to really make her a early game champ. AND AGAIN im not asking for pre-nerf riven cauze even i admit she was really broken then and could easily all in lvl 1 and get first blood but cant you guys see she's garbage-tier she's like old twitch and i asked for minor buffs cauze we dont want her to be super broken in another meta These were my thoughts on riven pls comment i would happily take my time and review every single comment if its not garbage like "OMG STFU SHE'S SO OP JUST NERF HER PLS" #bringbackrivenna prezzzzzzz {{champion:92}} I AM BADEEDA
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