Ahri vs Yasuo in lane help!

Hi folks I am playing a lor of {{champion:103}} these days, and among others i have huge problems with {{champion:157}} , even glaringly bad ones. At all points of the lane I feel like he is just stronger than me and I can do nothing against it. I have read a lot fo tips around but this is what I have gathered: - Poke his passive shield before engaging. Not a problem. - You are ranged, you should poke him down. Sure. I can AA him, 80% of the time I am in minion-aggro range, have to back off after or I take more damage than my aa did to him. He now has lane pressure on me since I can't walk up again. I can throw my Q at him, he uses W, my main damage spell is on CD with no effect, he dashes to me through minions and statchecks. Not good for me. - Bait out Windwall. Sure. Read above. - Don't get hit by Tornado. Sure thing. Stay so far back for 6 seconds he cannot dash in my face for a sure hit. My gosh, he has lane pressure again! I really have no clue how the hell you do any of the things you are supposed to do without losing the lane pressure or straight up handing the lane to him on a silver platter. Help is greatly appreciated! Oh, and roaming! Due to his lane pressure how am I ever supposed to be able to push the lane into his tower so I do not lose my tower by default by roaming?
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