Can we get rid of tank meta/nerf tank items?

It is boring. All I see are every champion building tank items. I see Yasuo building trinity, frozen mallet and GA and without even 1% of crit he deals so much damage and at the same time he can't be even killed. What the hell is wrong with this game. Almost every champion now is building at least one tank item. Assassins build as tanks and still dish out enough damage to win the fight for their team. I can't believe this state of tank items can be kept like this. Firstly every max hp % damage or anything that allows to deal damage without building items should be completely taken away from champions that are supposed to be squishy assassins. Items like steraks gage should be only working (passive) if you have enough HP (same as warmogs). additional effects from tank items that gives mobility (dead mans plate) and free damage of HP (tytanic hydra) should be taken away or heavily nerfed. Also tank masteries are over the top. The keystones are too strong currently. Free HP of farming creeps/jungle? Grasp of the undying? What the hell is that supposed to be? Another thing that gives more dmg to tanks and increases damage of assassins that build tank items. This game has turned into, get tank items or forget about winning. Black Cleaver must be completely reworked or nerfed. Most tanks build this one item and go on rampage with damage equal to fed assassins while being unkillable. Assassins by building black cleaver get even more tankyness of it. TLDR: nerf tank items to avoid getting full tank assassins doing their job in 2 seconds instead of 1 and bring tanks damage into the line by taking away free bonuses from items and taking away max HP damage.
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