shaco banned in ascension?

So I login today to see ascension is up, a game mode I have enjoyed a lot ever since it was introduced and who better to play on the map then my favorite character shaco. Only I find out during champ select shaco is banned by riot my big question is...why? And no this is not a salty rant I seriously would like to know what is so special about him that makes him ban worthy. Dont get me wrong I know he is annoying to play against but if that would be the only factor teemo would be banned too. I know he is slippery but hey there are better champs to do that with too like fizz or talon. Most of the times I've seen shaco being played (before he was perma banned) he was actually either feeding or just in the middle of the pack. Mostly because people see one player doing decent or good on him and think they can replicate that without any practice, but isnt that the case with most champions when a player is well trained on it he or she can out preform others. So once again this is not to be salty but a sincere question what in his kit makes shaco so special he needs to be perma banned on the ascension map?
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