What does it take to get into gold?

So this season I was bronze 5 and even though i won 8/10 of my promo series I was still in bronze 5, and this made me relise how bad i was and my mmr was, i kept thinking about making another account but I said to myself I will get out of bronze 5, yes they there were flamers, trolls, feeders, afk but none of that matters because i focused on my mechanical skills as a player and learning a lot more about the game than i thought i alerady knew, and now I am in silver 3 (with no help at all) Now I was talking to my friend and he said if you are struggling in silver then you will never get into gold, now yes its true, i found silver 5/4/3 hard but i still manged to get to my series and win, I have a nice champion pool and i think I am doing tips, in ranked I play top/mid/supp (i paly adc and jungle too but not as often) so I was just wondering what i can change about myself as a player in order to get into gold. Also I was wondering if i managed to get into gold this season, would my promo series still put me back in bronze, just wondering cause rn my mmr is around 1350
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