The biggest problems I have with Ranged junglers.

Most range junglers like Kindred, twitch and Graves often has to rely on the support to tank for them if they want a leash. But my last game was just one of those games where you really hate that kind of jungler. My twitch jungler forces me to tank as Zac support to tank and doesn't even finish it off so he just leaves me there having to tank it and extra 2 hits putting me at 40% hp. Thinking, he better make up for putting me that low HP, he never came down bot and went to funnel himself as a newborn top laner while our actual top laner went full support build with ancient coin and all that stuff. I basically became useless for my ADC cause I was too low HP to help and had to burn all my 2 HP puts early to even farm my relic shield properly. It didn't end up nicely cause they killed me soon after and just got a great lead. IM WARNING YOU RANGED JUNGLER OUT THERE, IF YOU EVER FORCE TO TANK YOUR FIRST CLEAR EVER AGAIN, I WILL NOT LEASH YOU AT ALL.
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