Reworking Cloak of Agility?

I've thought for a long time now that Cloak of Agility should really live up to it's name, Agility, meaning agile should in my opinion give some kind of movement speed buff, or something of the sorts. Here are a few ideas I've conjured up! Feel free to give me feedback, or if you agree/disagree with my changes! {{item:1018}} **Cloak of Agility** +15% Critial Strike Chance *Passive - Agility:* +5% Movement Speed Gold: 800 (unchanged) ___ {{item:1018}} **Cloak of Agility** +20% Critical Strike Chance *Passive - Agility:* Whenever you critically strike an enemy unit, gain 20 movement speed for 1 second. This bonus is doubled when striking an enemy Champion. Gold: 900 (increased from 800)

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