*Removes DFG---> buffs AHRI's 4 spells.*Removes Atma's Impaler---> Who cares, it doesnt hurt mages

Yeah, Riot actually favors MAGES above all categories in this game, no wonder they rushed to give them {{item:3285}} post removing that broken item ---> (DFG). While FIGHTERS lose the only item niche that that gives both Armor + Damage. and they didn't actually think of replacing an item that gives the same stat results as well (armor + damage). Wanna compare items offensive defensive items? Mages (damage + MR) {{item:3001}} , Fighters (damage + MR){{item:3156}} Mages (damage + armor ) {{item:3157}} {gives invulnerability as well] , Fighters ( damage + armor ) [MISSING ITEM] When exactly will you fill the slots and give fighters more options for different build paths? It was much VIABLE on tanks since all they build was HP and (Atma's impaler) gave more damage based on HP %.
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