Kalista: Advanced trading mechanic. how to use the expensive mana of Pierce (Q) cost effectively.

EDIT: [Finally uploaded a video, with my snail net, of the right minion auto, animation cancel buffered pierce into the rend execute burst on jinx!](https://streamable.com/nmgtm) Most people know about preparing a minion, and then looking for autos, even a final Q to disengage on the enemy ADC and followed by a rend reset. This tactic is also helped by the Hail of Blades rune so you can stack more auto attacks. However Hail of blades falls of out of lane phase so I still prefer Lethal tempo, Its a little less shock tactics, but retains its chase potential even at level 1 for an all actual kill. This caption story board I linked on imgur.com is more a advanced mechanic of the rend reset, coupled with the stack Rend Spears and the Pierce transfer passive, collecting spears on dying targets and proceeding to the next. It works with both Hail of blades and Lethal tempo, and is more for a deceptively delayed burst. Just so you know, if you are stacked up against a kalista, get out of range and let them fall off, or win an all in before it pops. A few things different: 1) better auto sequence on the caster stacking from me for probably a 7 stack Rend instead of 5. 2) If the casters were in a more thin file order not a flat rank for a 3 minion Pierce instead of 2, might have been a 10 stack Rend; 2b) Triple caster Pierce would also need a melee minion reset prepared. 3) vision control of their lane brush. 4) Leona's positioning more aggressive as we had river warded. We should at worse won {{champion:26}} ult cooldown, or a sum from them for practically free as : 1) A lane combo WE auto Q auto on {{champion:89}} should get an easy 200 damage. 2) {{champion:429}} is ready on both leathal tempo and a second Rend CD (was reset) available. 3) Kalista already has {{item:3144}} for the extra burst and additional slow burst on low . 4) What played out is {{champion:222}} ended with 400 HP reaching her tower as our minions crashed.

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