more punishment for bully (poke) champion if they miss skill shot

first of all i think riot do serious thing about bully poke champions because play vs them is not really funny! first of all i think all bully champion should have skill shot kit and give enemy a way to dodge and don't get melted and cant do shit except item strategy lets say example : {{champion:80}} his q is mark point and no way to dodge and he just spam q :) and if u wanna win lane vs him u should u should go sustain champion like vlad maokai and ... else ur win rate is below 50 % vs him (check or for that) and if u should've picked first and see pant picked after u u should just start {{item:1029}} {{item:2003}} {{item:2003}} {{item:2003}} {{item:2003}} . {{champion:17}} his q is mark ability no way to dodge it and also blind u plus his e and also rune he get huge poke from his basic or even his q u cant out play him with good game play and only way to defeat him is {{item:1006}} {{item:1006}} {{item:1006}} {{item:2003}} . or {{item:2033}} {{champion:37}} her q is not dodge-able and that's why she have most win rate she melt u with her q and her passive combo (3 q and one aa u done) and only way to survie vs her is healer support of life steal item. {{champion:54}} if arcane rune and start with ap item his q poke is really annoying and u cant dodge it u get slow as well ==> arcane hit u and heavy poke. {{champion:41}} u cant dodge his q plus if he build grasp his q poke is heavily insane and u just can play defensive and call jg for help else no counter play. {{champion:1}} she is other bully champ that her q is target ability and u cant dodge it and plus rune and her passive (4 spell use next spell stun enemy) u get punish so hard just because u play vs her XD plus if she get lvl 6 and u are not sustain champ or don't build sustain rune and item u punished for that and get 1 shot but her easy combo (stun ready flash r q (tibber raged) w e basic if u dont get one shot she have 2 stack now q u again e her self for get less damage and than w u stun tibber get raged again) its just list of champs u cant dodge their poke now add these champs that maybe they have skill shot but mana cost is so low and even if they miss skill shot it doesn't matter and they can poke u lot and lot (even if they loose little mana, rune and passives help them to gain it again or just cheap 1300 item {{item:3802}} or cheaper item {{item:3070}} or this strategy {{item:1056}} {{item:1056}}). {{champion:103}} q spam ; {{champion:63}} w spam ; {{champion:69}} q spam plus e :) ; {{champion:131}} q spam ; {{champion:36}} q spam if it hit u u gain that hp he lost even if u dodge it it hit minion and he get half of it; {{champion:81}} q spam ; {{champion:9}} e spam ; {{champion:126}} just spam XD any thing and if he ran out of mana came hammer form and gain mana; {{champion:85}} q spam plus his basic if u have mark his w in mark abilty and u get lot damage and in 3 stack u stun :) {{champion:127}} q spam minions but ia m ok vs her because if u are not behind minion its ok; {{champion:99}} e spam :) {{champion:21}} q spam minion but i am ok with it because good positioning can counter her; {{champion:25}} w spam but its not that bad (she get her sup gold that easily is on nerve but ok) her q is annoying; {{champion:518}} q spam :) if kill minion it damage twice and if she hit u 3 time :) iamagine if she land root as well plus on hit build u should just see how she melt u:) {{champion:61}} q spam :) and after lvl 3 she have q e combo okus if u wanan punish her for come in ur ability range she w and get massive shield; {{champion:58}} e w q e back spam :) he damage u lot heal and u are stun so u cant do shit also he e back to safety ; {{champion:92}} many spam XD q e q w q back , q q q w e back q q w e q back and many combo she all in damage u lot stun u and come back to safety with her e or 3rd q ; {{champion:68}} w spam and its aoe as well ; {{champion:14}} one time e spam plus arcane and ap start but now he is in good spot; {{champion:134}} all of her ability is spam XD; q spam w spam than e u u get stun and get %%%%ed! she w e (get stun) q combo is ridiculous:) laning vs her is so annoying because she always spam q and w and just 1 second u miss position she e and u done after 6 plus ignite and her r and runes u get 1 shot as well; {{champion:161}} q spam long range poke plus e spam that is charge 2 time and each time u wanan go for him his knock up w8 for u:) q w e w r combo plus passive is ridiculous:) laning vs him is so hard and if just he knock u one time u are dead; {{champion:112}} q spam and hard to know which way he q and dodge it; {{champion:62}} e q spam plus his w that back to safety he jump on u attack u with massive damage get hide and came back; {{champion:101}} long range champ that spam q w and if u gonna kill him his e is ready for u also after little get poked by his ling range q he r and ur done :) if he is run out of mana his op passive help him :) {{champion:157}} q spam :) cost nothing for him; {{champion:238}} q spam plus w q spam or w e q spam but he is kinda ok u can dodge his q a bit {{champion:115}} long range champ plus q spam if u wanna reach him his w damage lot knock u and himself back and if u have dash his e is w8 for u {{champion:26}} q spam and after lvl 3 with his w that rest abilities he have 2 q spam and if one hit u u are done (plus his e slow he can land 2 q on u ) {{champion:142}} q spam and if she hit e u are done (massive damage of e q combo) {{champion:143}} she get nerfed of her spamming ability and she is in good spot; there was many other champ with spam ability but they wasn't annoying and don't had massive damage like {{champion:38}} q and ... so riot what is ur game? game of spam ability and bully and don't get punish for missing skill shot (or u don't have skill shot as well XD) i think u should think about it and give more benefit for good game play and all in combo's and less benefit for just spam and bully and poke. 40 champs with bully ability that laning vs them is not funny :) riot pls answer me.
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