ADC mains I have a question

I’m a jhin main with over 550 k mp on him and at this point I tend to do Extremely well in Lansing pashe and always tend to be the highest farm in the game but I .. lose. I don’t mind that my other 4 are feeding but if they screw me over somehow that’s extremely tilting. For example I noticed I tend to lose games when I am doing well and the enemy jungler comes in, kills my support or (if we survive) zones us off and just takes our tower free because he has the power to do so and we cannot try to constest it. Also when I’m winning lane my jungler is ... stupid? He literally never comes around bot side jungle to take the damn dragon and he/she goes to feed to losing lanes. Now the question I want to ask is, how can I avoid this? And on top of that I wanna know, as a jhin main when I make the enemy back and push to the tower I don’t know what to do. If I stay to take the platings off they will come back and push to My tower before I’m back to lane and take some damage off of it.However if they back, it’s convenient for the enemy because I’m Jhin and I cannot push as fast as other adcs and they are back to lane before I pushed to their turret.

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