Don't worry guys, this champ is perfectly fine since 2013.

* A free shield by walking around or using mobility from kit - so you can't punish him in lane. * Double Crit - normal champions have to spend a lot of gold for 100% crit, but he gets it for half price. Squishy champions are %%%%ed. * Resourceless * Spammable poke off cooldown, with knock up every 3rd time - he is resourceless so he can constantly do this over and over again without worrying. * Auto attack and projectile nullifier - most broken ability in the game. * Infinite dashes depending if there are enemy targets - you can't even land a skillshot against this guy properly. * Can knock up targets and also extend knockup durations - doesn't even need to be his own knockup, can use allied knockups. He can use ult on stupid interactions like Thresh E or Diana E. * Has 50% bonus armor penetration - can't even stack armor against this champion. He gets the bonus armor pen on every target not just the ones knocked up. Squishies and Tanks are %%%%ed. Designed by the same fool that created Zoe, Darius, Kalista and Thresh. Broken, unhealthy and unfun kit since 2013.
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