Why is it no longer possible to get golden chromas through mission rewards without spending money?!

Since golden chromas have existed, it has **always** been possible to get the chroma for free as long as you complete all the missions (Lunar Revel 18, Worlds 18, Snowdown 18). This Lunar Revel, it&#039;s no longer possible, or highly unlikely for the few who want to accept the <1% possibility of the new RNG system. The chromas cost 175 tokens, but you are only guaranteed 100 tokens from the missions. This is because you can only obtain 10 envelopes (the things that give tokens) from missions, and how many tokens you get is based on RNG; **90%** of getting 10, 10% of getting **20**, and chances of 1% or less for larger gains. This means only 100 confirmed from envelopes. Why the change Riot?! Why have golden chromas suddenly stopped being obtained for free as long as you complete all the missions? As for those who are naturally going to make these replies: > It&#039;s not impossible for you to get 175 tokens from the envelopes Take a look at the chances of getting larger token drops from envolopes. It&#039;s likely I get a 20 token drop, but that&#039;s only 10%. You&#039;re looking at a <1% chance if you want 175 tokens. With RNG constantly screwing me over in game and IRL, you won&#039;t find me putting any of my faith in luck and chance > You can buy the mystery golden chroma from 100 tokens Each golden chroma has always been available for separate purchase. If you&#039;re only interested in one chroma, like me ({{champion:59}}), this is again putting your faith in RNG. 11% chance? Not wasting my tokens on an 89% chance of getting a chroma I both don&#039;t want and don&#039;t have the skin for. Riot can say goodbye to getting any more money from me after this, I was gonna get the URF pass too but nvm I suppose.. EDIT: And another reply: > It's a free to play game/RIot has no obligation to give you free stuff etc. This is an issue specific to **golden chromas**, they have always been free, even if other types cosmetics haven't in the past. Riot haven't made any statements about the change to getting golden chromas, so why are they no longer obtainable through missions only? {{champion:59}}, {{champion:19}}, and {{champion:5}} mains could only watch last year as other champions got Lunar Revel golden chromas for free. This year, we get chromas for our Lunar Revel skins, but we have to pay for them

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