Akali nerfs

I've made another thread that was more detailed and specific but it seems to be deleted or not showing up. Anyway I don't wanna take too much of your time I wanted to talk about akali's situation right now. A 43% win rate champion with her kit being op because she can tower dive you and not get targeted. Remove the op stealth under tower and get the old reworked shroud to her. So people will not complain about her being overpowered while she is actually not that good in comparison with {{champion:24}} , {{champion:114}} and especially Riven. Trust me everyone is complaining about {{champion:84}} and {{champion:39}} but they forgot about the young {{champion:24}} 43% win rate does tell us that she is having some problems While {{champion:24}} is right at 53% win rate which is really op (plus he can 1v9) {{champion:84}} can't
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