Lissandra's new bio : WTF ?

I dont get it , So she is no longer the ally of the watchers ? how about her in game quotes that doesn't fit ? I main lissandra and her previous lore fit more with her quotes and character than this one , i dont see the point of changing the story like that. "_The watchers will return_" but she doesnt want them to return now "_I will burry the world in ice_" "_plans within plans_" "_All will kneel_" new lore make the ice witch more a protector than someone who prepares to rule the world ? her plans aren't even mentionned anymore ? "_i've killed so many queens i've lost count_" also old lore mentionned lissandra killed previous queens of freljord and this one doesnt , i dont know how someone who newly plays her is supposed to understand these quotes with the new bio ? aren't new bios supposed to be more faithful to the champion's character ? Lissandra is my favourite character and i loved her previous bio the new one seems so not her and so out of character ... please change it back or put the two together ..
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