1st April turned to a marketing & money making event instead of a fun event, I'm very disappointed

Riot broke and destroyed the tradition of URF being on 1st april and now they just want to make money off this day by selling skins, I forgave you for dynamic queue rito, but I won't forgive you for this. I (and everyone else) was just so hyped for this event and couldn't wait to have a fun weekend playing with friends before I have to get back studying, but there's no special gamemode, **I'd be happy with any other special gamemode honestly I just want to have fun on this event**. I can't believe that riot still doesn't understand that most people don't give a shit about anything else than urf, now let the downvotes begin! Also guys, remember this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qYIiy03eGE0
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