Winning Rankeds in lower ranks is pure luck/ We want a soloQ option

I am a plat 3 player and I wouldn't consider myself as good or anything but I just needed 200 games on my smurf to reach gold. Going from Gold V to plat V was much easier and way more enjoyable. In earlier seasons I never had problems stomping low elo players with carry champs but since carry champions are weak right now this is pretty much impossible in the current season. I say this as a player who smurfs a lot. Dynamic Queue made it harder to climb the soloQ ladder since you play against 4 man premades and therefore I think that we should get soloQ back as an option for those who play alone. Plus I think that mechanically not challenging champions e.g. {{champion:86}} {{champion:33}} {{champion:122}} and {{champion:24}} and so on should be nerfed because it is really annoying getting rekt by a Garen or Rammus toplane,
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