There is a problem with 8.10

So the problems are : 1) giving us the Stromrazor give up a bit more burst power for champions that are assassin type- they still do have duskblade, do you think this will not make them a way to oppressive. I believe there will be like rush on this two items making champions like Yasuo, zed, Kha, Rengar, vi way to bursty. 2) Changing how the infinity edge work makes some champions Imbalanced - Tryndamire/Draven or anyone who use Conqueror rune. 40% true dmg make some champions who are in the middle of hp pool left less desirable to play. 3) jungle changes feel like totally experimental and does not make me feel really okay with them. The removal of blast plants till 6 min of the game makes it hard for jungle ganks to happen and safely escape. Disabling a lot of jungleres desire to risk it. Also if the scudle appear so early it will totally change there pathing and force some junglers out of the meta. I will be really happy if any Riot-er will let me in on the big secret.
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