Remake Feature Has A Flaw

If you are afk at the start of a match or disconnect and are therefore inactive for** 2 minutes** you are punished and lose LP even if you reconnect and win the game. This is a problem because the remake is available at **3 minutes** in so the time scale doesn't line up. In a recent game I was inactive for 2 minutes and a couple of seconds and I reconnected and voted no on the remake. The vote was 4v1 and the game was remade but i still lost LP. In my opinion if you reconnect before the vote you shouldn’t lose LP even if your team want to dodge the game which is understandable. The remake system in unjustifiably harsh on players that **reconnect** to the game.I recently had a chat with riot support and Gabs88 actually agreed with me but couldn't fix the issue. I've linked the email.
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