Supports cannot afford to be the BEST player.

Dear Riot, Everything you have proposed to be problems of the support roles are peripheral, petty non-issues. What you need to do is look at the issue from this perspective: imagine if you are a diamond player trying to carry a game in silver or gold. As a support main, I enjoy playing many support champs. I even enjoy having to teamwork from level 1 with an ADC. I like vision games, and making plays. **But my absolute worst nightmare in any game is when I am support and I am the best player of the team.** A game of league puts 5 people of different skill levels on the same team. Inherently, the weaker players are likely to do less well (may even feed) while the stronger players are expected to be better (and carry). The job of the strongest player of the team is to carry their team. The job of the weakest player is to limit their losses and to be carried. When I am support, compared to any other role, I simply cannot do the job of the strongest player of the team. I can, on any other role, even if I almost never play those roles while support is my main. **This** is what's is wrong with the support role.
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