Removal of Warmogs in Aram

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Good day fellow Summoners, As a player with quite some experience on Aram i´d like to share my thoughts on the proposed removal of Warmogs on Aram. Pros: - Less unkillable Tanks in long games (20 minutes +) - Better feeling for pure AP Teams / Enchanter heavy Teams - No uncondional sustain after a certain point. Cons: - Unwinnable games for teams with teanks who are up against Poke / Siege comps - Only Source of Sustain are Lifesteal / Runes and Heal spawns. Good/Bad: - No more Warmogs Soraka and Veigar These are the points that will be introduced by the point of Warmogs which seem rather likely. Now i´d like to explain why i think this is not a favorable change. You can skip this point and instantly head for the downvote button if you disagree. Aram as a game mode has a few perks that make it enjoyable for me. These are: - Shorter Game Time - Less prone to seal the loss after one mistake - Not stuck with the same flaming team mates for a long time - Off Meta-Builds - Almost every team comp has a win condition. The removal of Warmogs would most likely result in a shorter game time which is rather nice for certain people, but i think the time for a game of Aram is in a good spot right now. In very rare cases it takes longer than 25 minutes. Further the removal of Warmogs would butcher Warmogs Soraka, a champion known to be controversial in its existence and a couple of other off meta builds which rely on a certain game time/ health threshold to be met. And the last point is, that Warmogs is the only thing making the game winnable for certain comps. Right now as it stands every mage heavy team has a chance to close the game within 15 minutes, before tanks get warmogs and will be too tanky by leaving fights, regenerating and running back in. Their win condition exists it just relies on the players skill to make it come true within a window of oppertunity. Warmogs Sustain is the **only **win condition for tank comps against poke teams. Basically riot will remove their only win condition with deleting this item from ARAM. Whereas every other Win Condition for every other team composition is tied to time. You cant even build tanks class cannon style to bust the enemy team because of their non existent scaling with dmg items. ADCS can continuously get health from minions via lifesteal, mages could go spellblade and sustain further yet tanks are denied their only means of real sustain. Dont get me started on spirits visage. In Aram you cant afford to wait 2 minutes to get back 1/4 of your health pool. (exagerattted), whereas ADCs need half a minon wave. Attrition wars will become one sided, terrible to play games with one side having no mean of retaliation and not the slightest gleam of hope on the horizon. From my experience right now there are always compositions that feel way more difficult to win with, but in hindsight there were win conditions for everyone. Yet with these changes there will truly exist one straight up unwinnable match up right from the champ select within this game mode. **Tl;Dr: Tank Comps will be denied their only win condition in a certain match up, whereas right now AP/ Poke comps can win within a window of 15-20 minutes.**

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