Singed will get a hotfix nerf What irks me about this isn't the actual hotfix -- if he's super OP and needs hotfixing, that's fine. What irks me is the sheer double standards they seem to be holding -- Twitch, Thresh, Nunu, Syndra, Fiora etc. have been busted how long? Where's their hotfix? Meanwhile thresh with that winrate coupled with a 37% pick rate. Where are his hotfixes with 3 different nerfs? Oh wait thresh is in the list of "allowed to be overpowered" along with ori, syndra and a few others. Like its a big new the preference by riot, ahri was with a +55% win rate for years and just a few patches ago they "nerfed" her, you think they will nerf a big skin seller? Hell no, when was the last time riven/(insert cancer-popular champ) was nerfed? Open your eyes buddy this is a business. Some true comments. I hate double standard. I hate favouritism. I hate skin champions! Where are their hotfixes? I'm tired of your behaviours, your balance changes. TL:DR Every champion gets nerfs and buffs. It isn't problem. Problem is meta time. Liberties for some champions.

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