Patch. 6.14 and Leona

As I love playing Leona, I can't but wonder, WHAT THE HELL RIOT!? R - Solar Flare DAMAGE 150/250/350 ⇒ 100/175/250 NEWSOULSTOKE After using Solar Flare, Leona gains Incandescence for 5 seconds. During that time, Leona’s next 3/4/5 basic attacks gain +100 range, deal 30/40/50 (+0.15 ability power) bonus magic damage, and apply Sunlight. what the hell is that new bs on the ult? It sounds op, we can agree. But, Leona who hits ONCE per second and a half, does not have any use of this in a fight, unless you're lucky. Also, too op on the range bonus and sunlight *edit: she got nerfed on all other abilities (except E).

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