How League is no longer a real "GAME" nor a "SPORT" nor "FUN". Or should not be considered as one.

**These are a few reasons why i stopped playing league as of this moment and why it is no longer a game to be considered.** - Everywhere below Diamond the team with the most thunderlords will win, no exceptions , the last 50 games i played the team with the most thunderlords won. even when I got some proper diamond player to play with me even he gets fucked over by the amount of unregulated dmg that has been put out. - Not being able to play the game at all because if you feed one person 2 kills and said person has thunderlords, said person can output 2k dmg within a span of 0.5 seconds, AKA an adc with only 1.2k health gets oneshot in every ocassion and its no longer about protecting said adc or apc since you cant against a cdr cap of 45% which makes any stun or snare or lockdown go on a CD of 4 seconds, so you can run to your tower but the towers have no health anymore do no dmg and just fall over at the sight of a bruiser. This window of 0.5 seconds of life is not even enough to flash (since you are stunned) or do anything else but stand there. No one wants to play ADC no more when there is an engaging champion on the other team. _**AKA you could actually report me for AFKing just by playing ADC since most of the time im dead or CC'd which is horseshit.**_ - Hextec crafting is a fucking sellout move by riot, having it in preproduction for so long and bringing it out like this is rediculous. I still have 120k IP and cant do anything with it. _**MAKE SHARDS AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE WITH IP! money grubbin bastards**_ - We need 4 bans per game. There are as of this moment to many champions that can be considered OP or in lower tiers of play are OP because we are humans playing the game not computers, what I mean by this is that humans have their flaws and sometimes just really cant deal with certain champions no matter how much you teach them how, somepeople just can't and since this game has millions of players its bullshit to say "Nah you all have to just get better". It feels like riot is only catering the upper leagues of their game and discriminating against lower tier players. Or as I like to put it: they are making the LCS seem awesome since there are the pros who can play all and have the ability / capacity to learn all about this and _**making us want to play the game for invalid reasons**_ since normal humans can never achieve such heights, we will never have the same experience as the pros. Hence we all start to hate this game and making it stressfull to actually play this piece of sh¡t. There are 130 champions and we can only ban 6 of those which creates a pool of 124 champions half of which some people really cant deal with or are actually OP in lower tier games. Another form of bannage i thought of : let everyone pick 5 champions who they would like to see in the game that creates a total of 50 champions which all players could chose from and could counter or not since we allready have 130 champions, having to chose from 50 should actually be easier and more maintainable in any tier of players. "but rutgerp that would make certain champions unplayed"! Fuck you thats allready the case i cant remember the time i actually saw a yorick in a game ( and yes hes getting reworked but you cant keep reworking ((OP-a-fying)) every champion that falls behind in the stats/ balance you created rito, thats in impossible task that you just took upon yourself). I'm going to end on a possitive note, the champions you create are fun and beautifull , the skins are beautifull, although since aurelion sol patch the whole interface has gone grainy and blurry ( full 1080p reso 200fps no biggy for my graph card this game but still shit grainy graphics). Rito you are trying to do the right thing but you dont see what is going on below diamond and that i find insulting and frustrating, makes me feel left out of the playground just for not being cool enough and that should not be the playerbase of your game.
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