Get your head out the jungle Riot!

I know that you guys LOVE the Jungle and are always fiddling around with items to change play dynamics and such. However... Please THINK before you introduce such items as {{item:3933}} . This item is ridiculous on a HUGE number of champions, {{champion:11}} {{champion:102}} ect and it NEEDS to stop. I am tired of the total lack of consistency in this game. Riot, please answer me as to WHY Jungle items are considerably better then lane items, we had the EXACT same problem with {{item:3708}} and {{item:3709}} in that they change too much of the game. Why does this whole game have to revolve around the JUNGLE!? The Jungle role has become the "messiah" of League, with special privileges and items specifically designed to give them a cancerous impact on the game. When will it end Riot, when will other laners stop getting neglected while you experiment with the next jungle item that will break the game. You can also see this in some champions ({{champion:64}} ) who are receiving buffs, despite not actually needing them while Riot neglects other champions that have been in weaker spots for YEARS! Riot, get your head out of the jungle!

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