Lissandra Spell Timing

Hi, I was playing Lissandra and I thought about asking your opinion maybe riot will implement it, when playing Lissandra, there would be a nice touch if your E spell would show you a timing available to press it again, like on Zoe's Q, not saying this is much but could be pretty effective and helpful when trying to do 'hit and run' or sneaky kills. I filmed a clip to show you a example situation you could use it on: **_** Take this example, let's say instead of the blue golem there is a champ with low HP I would wanna kill, I use my flash to get on the other side and my E to back-up, but I have to do that blindly because the only hint you have is to follow where when E lands;you can't see that if you are far away the range. There would be a nice touch if there' would be a spell recast indicator. What do you guys think ?
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