Why is there no option to report someone for picking your role/ reporting someone after you dodged?

Hey guys my name is Maurits and I am a silver scrub who plays in EUW. This year i'm planning to take LoL quite serious and get to gold but recently there are some things that have been holding me back, (no not my teammates it will not be one of those posts.) I played a game the other day where someone banned a champion I was hovering simply because he did not like it. ( it was lux ) I dodged that game because I did not want to play with that person and lux is the champion I feel most comfortable on. I lost 3 lp fair enough but I think there should be a way to at least report people that make reportable offenses outside of the game, (in this case in champion select). I am fine with losing the lp but at least let me have a chance to report these guys. I did not play any league of legends that day and the day after (today) I decided to jump back into ranked. I got assigned mid lane. Instantly a person started telling the team that he would not play support, the role het got and that if I was going mid he would just double mid with me. I did not want to dodge another game and our team comp looked quite good so I decided to just play support and let him mid. For the people who care ( none ) we lost that game and I obviously wanted to report this guy since he made a reportable offense, (and I was pretty mad after that game). When I tried to report him there was no option to do so. WHY? rito WHY? I like this ranked system do not get me wrong but if you adapt the system you should adapt the report system aswell because we need a feature like this. Also if I were to dodge that game the troll would have won since he would have had another shot at not getting support and he would not have been reported. I would have also been punished which is not fair. I get this is hard to solve since league is such a massive game and it is hard to check which people dodged because of a troll and who just did not like their team comps or something. In conclusion, Please make a feature to report people for not picking the role they were assigned to and please make a way to report people who made a reportable offense in champion select by troll picking or forcing a role they were not assigned to after you dodged. Thanks a lot to every one who took there precious time to read this! appreciate it a lot, sorry the post was so long but I find it hard to write things down short and clear. (oh and a late happy new year aswell, hopefully you still have all of your fingers)
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