Brainstorm on Dragons. Take what you will.

Now that the dragons have 'elemental' elements attached to them, why not add notable/ visible particle effects to each of their buffs? (Forgive me code writers........) Earth Dragon: add a boulder breaking particle after attacks on tower/ epic monsters. Ocean Dragon: add a swirling Nami flow-like particle when the healing is up. Wind Dragon: this one needs buffs.... make the current particle effect much more visible. Fire Dragon: this one needs moving around a bit. Move the increased stat into additional percentage damage on attacks, adjusting for circumstance, and add a burning particle effect on the additional damage. --- Another thing I would like to suggest is that the elemental dragon buffs may be too passive to be interesting. Why not, for instance: Ocean Dragon: give significant regeneration buffes while in river that wears out when outside the river. Also add in turning on/off particles when someone enters the river/time passes afterwards. Earth Dragon: give significant armor/MR buffes while in jungle. Mutatis mutandis for Ocean Dragon Wind Dragon: seems fine as it is, Fire Dragon: Seems fine as it is. --- It'd be also nice if there are interactions with champions for the dragons. I.E. give easter-egg level buff for Brand with a Fire Dragon, Malphite with Earth etc.

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