Just how the hell do you play Camille?

I've been playing LoL for 1.5 year and I have played numerous champs but I have never been more mentaly challenged when playing{{champion:164}} . Where do I start? I'm kindly asking for people who are good at game as whole or good at Camille,since I really love this character but I just dont understand her. I'm mastery 6 at her but still like I'm playing like a damn bronze. -Where is her position in teamfight formation? Is she the frontline,diver,one who defends the backline? -I want to do nothing but farm early but then I remember she is a duelist,so I focus poking and killing the enemy,is this wrong? -What do I do in teamfights? When I dive the enemy I get deleted instantly,when I defend backline enemy beats us all the time. -Should I be teleporting to save my teammates early(before 15th min) or just ignore and farm? -Is a Hydra really needed? I know she has shit waveclear but she looks like she is more of a teamfighter than a splitpusher. And buying a Hydra really delays her tank items. -Fervor of Battle or Courage of the Colossus? -When is my powerspike,are there times in game that I should just avoid trades and farm?(Like Jax who needs to play safe till 6)

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