urgot is disgusting

don't get me wrong, i still hate yasuo more than any other champ, but i think this champ is quite broken he is a toplaner with ranged harassment meaning he has the upper hand against melees he is tanky he is tanky but deal tons of damage he is easy to play he is tanky he deals lots of damage his ult is almost impossible to avoid, at least to me he is tanky as %%%% he deals shitloads of damage if the enemy team doesn't have vayne (or maybe kayle) he can easily 1v9 if fed he is tanky the only downside is quite boring to play imho and quite slow despite his dash they should make the champ more interesting and less oppressive in teamfights and lane like, make his W a series of skillshot, just like nunu snowballs and his ult is too easy to land and tune down some of his damage or tankyness maybe just my 2 cents on the subject
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