I Miss The Old Days

I really miss the old days that I could play all the roles I want not just support or mid. I play this game since the end of pre-season 3 and thanks to the old ranked que I could play where I needed for example if the team needed a jungler I would be a Jungler if the team needed an ADC I would be an ADC and I think everyone was happy about that. But now I stuck to the support just because of this new Dynamic Q. Before this season everyone could learn every role in the game and it was a very useful thing now we can only choose 2 roles and so that in time we lose the ability to play other roles. It may not sound bad to you but in my opinion everyone should know how to play each role and this pick 2 roles idea kills this. I won't lie, I really like the idea of give bans to the last 3 pick (I think everyone should ban a champ so that we have 10 champs banned in total but this is fine enough tho). But yet we should have the Solo Q back. I want to play where I want again (please don't tell me "pick fill then" because fill=support and I don't wanna play only support I wanna be able to play evey lane in the game). I don't even wanna mention how bad is it to be the one player in a 4-pre team it sucks like hell. TL;DR: Please give us the old ranked
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