Karthus vs Ekko.

I started playing Karthus again after a 6 month break and havn't been playing mid at all. Champs like Vi, Riven and Ahri were annoying enough to deal with but EKKO WTF. He's confusing, he doesn't have to commit to a fight AT ALL meaning he can bait summoners like exhaust easily. He also has 2 dashes and gets an insane speed boost. Another thing is he has a shield, the BS ult. He's the perfect counter to Karthus it seems to me so far. When an Ahri attacks me as Karthus, I could exhaust her, move around dodging abilities and win quite often, but Ekko can leave a fight whenever. Also Ekko is bullshit, not just against Karthus, I don't think I need to get into how disgustingly overloaded his kit is. I know that Riot would never rework Ekko's ult cause it's like his lore that he can reverse time but that ult should be reworked imo. He can escape anything with his ult after you "kill" him, yet if you don't focus him, he will do tons of damage to you and your team. This guy is garbage and trash.
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