late game carries?

hello everyone! today i'd like to point out that in my humble opinion I think that some of the late game one-shotters are a bit too strong early, do any champions come to mind? I was thinking about tristana, tryndamere, zed etc. let's take trynd as an example, let's say you are... idk... how about riven? okay so you start this lane with the intention to win the lane so he wont be powerful late game, so what do you do? you start with Q and start trading immediately, ofc you win the 1st trade but your Q does some damage to minions, therefore the lane pushes to his turret. now this tryndamere has a wave under turret so what does he do? he does what he does best, he autoattacks. now that our favourite toplaner has a full fury bar you are doomed, trading with him is not smart because of his crit chance and even if you manage to win the trade he just heals back what do you do? you farm, then you both hit lvl 6, now even using an ability under your turret is a free kill for him, he just dives you and fucks off. now I can kinda see that he can dive you and why this is balanced and bla bla bla, but I don't get why he can have such a free bridge to his powerspike, his lvl 6. he can easily get to it without any form of difficulty. and now it's just not fun anymore to even walk top because he will just use his spin and smack you down. now this is just a little example of trynd, but I find this for a lot of champs. maybe I just suck, lemme know what you all think of it, your fellow summoner, redorchestra 16

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