Odyssee Gem: Which one is the best bag?

So after 20+ hrs I finally cleared the 2 augment mission and got my Odyssee Gem. Now I don't want to %%%% up and get the best out of it. Which one is the best bag? Anyone did the match or got a link for an explanation? In case you missed it here are the bags and what they drop: * Revel Bag: five skin shards, one from every skin tier up to (and including) Legendary * VS Faction Bag: five skin shards for champions from the same faction * Crab Bag: six skin shards, one from each role (assassin, fighter, mage, marksman, support, and tank) * Champion Bag: complete set of skin shards for a random champion * Birdie Bag: complete set of skin shards for a random skin line The conclusion I have so far is that the Birdy is the most risk but most rewarding one. You can get 2 skins or 17! The Revel would be the safest since you get safe one Legendary and one Epic. On the other hand the Crab can get you one Ultimate or Mythic skin since Ultimates are not in skin series (only mf but hers is really weak). However I can't make a decision myself. Thank for helping and have a good day {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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