Heartseeker Quinn Changes (Warning Controversial)

Heartseeker Quinn Feedback Thread
So, before anything else, I just want to say thank you, Riot, for giving our Quinn and Valor a lovely new skin (pun not intended). <3 Moving onto the feedback... 1.
> Hey everyone! > > First off - I really appreciate you making this post, and for everyone for popping into this thread and leaving feedback. I wanted to drop in and give you an update on what the team has planned, based on feedback given. > > We went through a bunch of your feedback, both on the PBE, live boards, Twitter, etc. I wanted to keep everyone in the loop in terms of what we'd like to change to accommodate address player feedback! > > We're adding tights - same color as the majority of her thigh high stockings (blue/purple), since she is in a skirt! > We're hiding a bit more of her cleavage. > We're darkening her color palette to be more in line with the other Heartseeker skins. > We're looking to adjust her skirt to make it a bit longer/more appropriate, due to her base stance. > We may puff up her hair (minor change) to make it a bit fuller. > Adjusting her AAs to match the arrow shows on her crossbow (this was actually a bug, and the particles hadn't been updated yet). > We really appreciate you all taking the time to leave detailed feedback. We do read through all of it, and because of you, we're able to adjust skins and really push them to be the best they can be. ^-^ > > Thanks again! <3 > ... How much do you want to bet a feminist caused this. OK, so I'm all for equality but come on. Since when has anyone ever said 'Quinn is over sexulised' before this. This just seem like a **VERY** pointless change and i'm not made at the person who made the post, they had a good point but exactly how did riot get 'make her cooler' and turn it into 'lets make her look like a shity looking prom girl'. And before you say 'OH he's being sexist, he wants females to be over sexulised' For starters I would like you to look at {{champion:44}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:2}} ect, yeah you get the short end of the straw. And secondly this isn't a E or 3 or 7 game it is a 12/teen which gives them enough entitlement to add mild sexuality. Also (last time I checked) battle bunny Riven is one of the most bough skins for a reason. BTW [this](http://www.surrenderat20.net/p/current-pbe-balance-changes.html#skin6) is what the skin looks like atm.
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