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I know that a post like this has been mentioned a 100 times earlier but I think that it's about time to nerf Sona.... There is too much dmg in this champion to be a support... When we see a Sona get picked in the enemy team we all know that it is Sona APC and not support... Since Sona is a "Support" champion I think you should nerf her early game and nerf alot of the AP scaling she have on her Q I mean half life an ADC and The support with one Q AA combo level 1 it's a little bit too much in my opinion... I can say this out loud that Sona is broken and need a massive fix... At least make her that she cant oneshot ppl and that u nerf alot of her AP scaling. I really dont like that idea that a support champion is strong enough to half life someone in level one when it takes your ally ADC to use one entire combo + AA do deal almost the same amount of dmg... And also rush Lich Bane and Rabadons to just oneshot everything late game. I want a bot lane to be a fair matchup and not oneshotted by a level 1 Sona. Nerf this Champion ----> {{champion:37}} Sorry for the hate on this champion but I think it's way too much dmg here to let this one go.
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