Please add a reverse spacebar

Hello So recently, I tried switching to unlocked camera, but it was so hard to get used to, and it wasn't fun for me at ALL, so I stopped trying, I especially gave up after finding that some locked camera players are in masters. Of course my awareness isn't always limited to my champion, I do unlock it when I need to see ahead. Here's the thing. When you're on locked camera mode, the spacebar function serves no purpose at all since the camera is locked on you. Why not have holding spacebar button down unlock the camera, kinda like how it is in unlocked camera mode but in reverse. we need this 'cause having to press Y to switch between locked and unlocked all the time can be a hasstle. this function would help a lot. I think Riot needs to start aknowledging that a solid chunk of their playerbase play with locked camera. And League of legends is a game after all, and I can't force myself to play in a certain way if I don't find it fun.
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