How to counter Nasus

I played today vs Nasus top lane I thought I would counter him with trundle because all of the debuffs he have I tried to stop him from stacking I succeeded In early game I was 70 farm and he 37 I one every single trade with him I followed him in every place to denie him from stacking but I had to be in every single team fight cuz I am the tank . In the late game he had 300 farm even me 13/2/7 trundle I can't trade with him due to 370 armor and passif lifesteal and his annoying Q we tried to 1 vs 3 him he kept one shot squishies we couldn't do everything to him even we had 2 inhibitor down So we tried focusing him in team fight but he ult and survive till we lose . I tried everything I can to counter him build tank build damage build fighter , please help .
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