The Real League of Legends Ranks

Bronze V-III: Who would have thought there are people in these ranks. Bronze II-I: No, the nexus won't destroy by getting the most kills. Silver V-III: To get out of ''elohell'', suck less. Silver II-I: You could possibly rank up if you gave up on playing yasuo, zed, azir. Gold V-III: Tip: Take objectives Gold II-I: Wow, it only took you 800 ranked wins. Platinum V-III: How much better are you than Golds? Not at all. Platinum II-I: Congrats on being average Diamond V: You are stuck here forever. Diamond IV-III: From now on you can safely call previous ranks ''low skilled''. Diamond II: No, you are still trash compared to a pro. Diamond I: You're actually good at the game. Master: Your parents must be proud. Challenger: And you're still nothing outside of solo queue.
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