The future of pings

With vision pings coming to League soon - a very sought-after feature, I want to take this time to discuss what role pings could have in the future, and what shape they will take. It may come as no surprise to most of you, that I find the current ping sounds very annoying. I'm sure at least a couple of you feel the same way. Yes, pings are supposed to be reacted to quickly. They're supposed to alert you at a moment's notice. But do they? In many games I've played, a ping doesn't register with a lot of people. And I don't blame them. When they're focusing intently on farming or trading with their lane opponent, and we cry {{champion:19}} too many times in other lanes, the time when it really matters, they may fall on deaf ears. I have a couple of visions for how I myself want them to work. First of all: Voice acted pings, like in Smite. Yes I know, not every champion has a voice that can speak words, and I will get to that. The first question we'll have to answer however, is whether it will improve the ping system drastically, because obviously it's gonna be a lot of work. The second question is, will it help make League of Legends more connected to the champions you're playing? Let me explain: You have the Ctrl + 1-4 commands ingame already, for joke, taunt, dance and laugh. These are great ways to make the characters feel alive ingame. We also have voices for when they do stuff like walking, fighting, killing and even dying. Now, League of Legends needs to evolve in later seasons to keep its playerbase, otherwise the game will stagnate, and newer games on the market may overtake it. I'm not saying it's going to die or anything. I'm saying, it's in every League fan's best interest to want a high quality game that can keep up with the competition. And what does the competition offer today? 3rd person perspective, better graphics, not to mention an incredibly intricate voice command system that blows League's and even Dota's measly ping system out of the water. There's no denying that there are areas where Smite does much better than League. So, in League, how would these voice acted pings work exactly? Well, I think that we could keep most of our current pings, but instead of a sharp annoying sound, you would have your own champion shouting "be careful!" or "be right there!" or "target aquired!" or something like that, depending on what you ping. Not everything has to be voice acted, like cooldown pings, only the most important ones. Champions who don't have a voice, would instead have a generic voice shouting it for them, based on their alignment and lore. Example: Jinx and Lux spot a lone Draven in the botlane, and want to gank him. Jinx presses G and clicks on Draven, and shouts "target aquired!" After running after Draven for two seconds, they spot Garen popping out of a bush. Lux presses V and clicks on Garen, shouting "back away!" Jinx, hearing her own support shouting this, can immediately react to Garen's presence, backing away from the chase. Not only would this make it easier to know what the pings mean, but it would bring a whole new level of verbal communication between players. Eventually, maybe even making a voice-acted communication system as intricate as Smite's. **Riot would of course have to find a way for these shouts not to be annoying themselves, like putting a cooldown on them**

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