Old things you miss about the game?

I started in the first week of season 3 and this game has become a lot less what I loved back in the day, and I know it's the same for many players, so let's bring back some good memories! Things I miss: -Lee Sin mid (technically it was never a thing but I OTP'd it to get out of bronze in S3-4 -Kassadin (I can't be the only one) -Old Yorick (He was my main for a long time before the rework, still hate the new one) -AP Yi -Nasus' old voice actor -When Twitch's E was still called expunge -When bruisers dominated top lane over tanks -The red pot (Jesus christ makes me tear up every time I remember playing as Akali, Lee Sin, Wukong, Riven, Jax, it was so fun) -AP Gangplank -When champions didn't need complicated mechanics (I think this started becoming a bigger thing around the time after Rek'Sai if I remember correctly) -The jungle spirit items and madstone (Udyr ftw) -Feral Flare (udyr ftw) -Purple Smite -Playing as support buying 3 gold per items and drowning in cash -Mid lane being so much more important than bot lane -Support being simple (I liked playing support a lot more before all the gimicky changes) -Being allowed to moderately flame (these days even productive criticism is dangerous) -Jungle being simple (You knew routing and how to manage ganks, you win.) -Off meta picks being stronger (Vayne JG, ADC Thresh, Adc Teemo, Even adc Maokai legit worked) -It being more about the skill and not who has the better masteries (seriously making them so impactful was a mistake) -No plants -No Jungle timers, only the people who bothered to learn the timings could play properly around them. -No trinkets, had to commit to clearing wards and laners actually bought them. -No kleptomancy -No Zoe -Tanks weren't the strongest class -Mage top laners were more common -Old Sion (Full AP run it down mid BOI) -The pro-scene; remember when OddOne was considered an innovator playing supportive junglers, Meteos being considered amazing for being so good at farming the jungle, blue card wukong memes, MadLife, lemonnation + sneaky bot lane. Writing these made me pop a tear, I wish I could go back in time with my current mind and just play the shit out of the old league and enjoy it all over again, I was too young and stupid to properly play the game back then (not gonna go into it deeper but I had a really unfortunate "friend" group who I played with)
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