"They're gonna live, untill they die!"

By {{champion:202}} **#JHINIUS** Ok, honestly, Jhin is one of my absolute favourite champs in the game. Probably one of the reasons i still play. I love his model, i love his voiceover, i love his theme music, i love his personality, i love everything about him, even though gameplay wise i think {{champion:51}} does his job 100 times better. But this one quote of his... _"They're gonna live, untill they die!"_ Honestly? Who approved this? Who tought this dumb quote would make Jhin sound badass? I bet you never expected a rant about champion quotes. But here i am, a Jhin fan who finds this quote to be absolutely stupid. So, i must ask Riot, is it possible to somehow remove this brainless quote from Jhin's script? It just makes Jhin feel... Not as intelgent as he is. Because he is stating the obvious thing. _Almighty._

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