Griveous Wounds and Soraka

So ever since Pre-Season 6 Soraka has been pretty annoying to deal with (I'm a Soraka main). Alot of that has to do with the masteries fitting her so well, improved healing, better regen and Windspeaker's. However the biggest buff Soraka received was the changes made to Griveous Wounds, pretty much removing her only meaningfull counter. This of course made the changes to her ult useless, Wish no longer removes Griveous Wounds from allies but who cares if it doesn't affect your healing anyway. So now that Griveous Wounds reduces all healing again, __thank god__! I really think Wish should remove it. Yes I know, Soraka buffs, hell no! But this mechanic gives a little depth to her ultimate, she's not exactly a tough champion to master you know. This mechanic distinguished the good Soraka players from the bad ones, ult too soon, and they haven't used their ignite yet. And there are still plenty of ways to apply griveous wounds, Mortal Reminder or Morello can reapply it after Soraka has cleansed everyone. In conclusion, I'm happy they reintroduced Soraka's counter, and I would like to see her kit return to the state where she can play around it, I really do believe this was a healthy interaction requiring skill and timing, with enough additional counterplay.

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