Few words about Nidalee. Doubts related with her future.

Hello. I am Nidalee Tank, and I am medium-skilled player who belongs to lowplatin / highgold. My adventure with league started in beta tests. I am very "old player" in league, and I remember most of metas ingame. Unfortunately through my job I am disconnected from the internet every half year for half a year and in this time my rank is dropping and also my skill is drained in earth. As you can predict my OTP champion since first season was Nidalee. In first moments I was playing as regular Midalee, but in late S1 I become a precursor of AD nidalee, and later on Nidalee Bruiser. With over 2000 games only with Nidalee on few accounts I could say, I know how to play this champion. Then in 2014 Nidalee has been reworked into monster. She become so strong, and such a pick2win pick. Ofc she was nerfed once, second time, third time, almost every next patch till season 6. In this moment this champion is completely underpower. As a champion has small amount of snowball, even with huge feed she is not able to carry a game itself. Even for a player who know-how she is a challenge to play. This is the end of Nidalee with winratio 41% http://champion.gg/champion/Nidalee/Jungle (i know statistics on this site are not perfectly accurate, but we can see, that Nidalee has been removed from the game. Best regards {{champion:76}}
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