Game time and MMR

To reset your concious mind abit, and to come to the mental clearance like you're meditating: To **get anywhere** takes time. I only got Plat last season, but unlike any other Plat you ask, I'll be admitful it took me time to even get to Plat skill level. It took me time to even get to Gold skill level, it didn't take me that much time to go from Bronze to Silver but hey, it took me time aswell even if it's concidered little. Challenger doesn't fall like Apples from Trees unfortunately, the Unranked to Challenger streamers have been Challenger/Played for 5 Seasons straight so they can get to Challenger fast with their smurfs but that's not you. What you need is **3 big things only** **1. Honing your skills and Improving** **2. Game time** **3. And a good fckin MMR you can't climb with a shiet one** **4. Watch out for 3 it's important** Every time you flame, Every time you tilt, Every time you blame, Every time you die in a teamfight, Every time you don't pick well in Champ select, Every time you don't dodge when you need to, Every time you misposition you're gonna violate these **3.** What **doesn't** violate these 3, is that **Everyone makes Mistakes**, and when you **learn** from them you're far ahead of everyone that didn't. That's why you shouldn't see **Mistakes** as something that violate these 3. They do violate your climbing if you didn't learn from them, do them next time and blame your jungler but... they ain't all that negative. That's why cocky Plats can get to Plat 5 and get stuck :D They play well overall, still do mistakes and are still cocky and ignorant but they got to Plat 5. So that proves that you can do ingame mistakes to a certain rank. The higher you go the less you have to make. I know all of this is not easy and not done in 1 day, but there's no easy way pretty much, but **you** can make it "easy". That's about it :) Goodbye {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}} You can see it as a Guideline if you want, If I'm that good of a Guardian to you LOL
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