The main issue of low elo players

Okay... so we all know that the community is known to be toxic and people says that low elo players are bad at the game and they flame even more than any elo. Since i started silver this season (i'm silver 3 right now) i have observed different than what people says. First of all... let's say i'm mid and i see that our jungler is on the bottom side of our jungle so i clear my wave and i head to the bottom... let's say he follows and we go together, get the enemy bottom and then it starts... the carry yells "KS" and "GO AWAY DONT STEAL MY FARM" and "REPORTED" so the adc is too busy with giving you multiple diseases, telling you how you'd get reported and banned and chatting so it doesn't attacks the turret... okay let's say we get the turret... but then nobody cares about drake, bot lane recalls and jungler goes back in the jungle to farm as i'm out of pings to ping the drake? You chat them, guys let's do drake it's free but guess what... everybody tells you "HEY DON"T TELL ME HOW TO PLAY" and you end up accursed of multiple diseases and probably reported... let's say bot lane won their lane but guess what... they go bottom lane again and dies over and over again instead of going for top/mid turret? If you try to tell them what to do you'll end up accursed of multiple diseases and probably reported. Okay... let's say you somehow managed to make them listen to you and they go top, you follow so you get the enemy laner and the turret... same scenario for rift herald. They recall and your jungler goes to farm. Okay let's say you took the herald, used it on the mid lane and took the turret as top and bot lane are pushed (you somehow managed to tell your team that they must push top and bot lane) so the enemies will go to mid lane and try to save their second turret. If... you try to explain your teammates that they should take bot/top turret as enemies are defending mid lane... you will once again end up accursed of multiple diseases and probably reported. And so... let's say it's 20 minutes+ ingame so here the real issues starts... literally everybody are running somewhere on the map and never plays as a team, you ping them that enemy jungler is bottom so nashor is clear to get and they ignore you... flaming you for pinging or chatting them too much about nashor and once again you end up accursed of multiple diseases and reported. Let's say somehow you managed to get nashor... but guess what... people don't know how to end a game... they'd literally run in 1v5, thinking they can take that fight and die. The only way to end a game is if your team somehow gathers so you do a teamfight, kill the enemies and push to end (even then sometimes people prefers to farm in the jungle for some reason) or if you directly go and push a lane, kill enemies as you are pushing and end or if you kill few enemy champions so your team finally realises that they can end. So... this is what makes this elo such a nightmare, not that they are bad at the game or too toxic or at least in my opinion. I'd be okay if someone is just playing poorly even if he's 0/10 and i'd encourage him so he doesn't tilts but when people are so arrogant and never listens, they don't even try understanding why they must do something and they don't care about winning, sadly nothing can be done.
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