How to stop relying on your team so much?

So basically I just started playing after some time and got a few troll teammates. In the beggining I just thought that I had bad luck but then I got the thought that I am probably doing something wrong. I play top lane and I win most of the time but often I don't dominate the lane and get to carry. Maybe I should start building more offensive items because I build tanky on a lot of champions but I don't carry that hard? Should I start ganking more to mid lane and tp bot but how do I know when is the right time, because if I leave lane the opponent often gets more cs and a tower so I should not be away long enough for the enemy to start pushing. When do I go out of lane and start helping others? Please help because I want to improve and stop relying on my team as much. I think my problem might be that I am too passive, if the other lanes lose I can't carry (I can, but rarely) Any tips?. Ty
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