now i see why balance team is hated

i'm a newbie league player, i started in season 8. i'm only now just realizing how poor of a job balance team is doing i used to say to myself things like "it's difficult to balance all champs" or "i lack game knowledge to judge nerfs/buffs" but then.. i start to notice some things, like - how they are unwilling to remove the true cancer mechanic of akali - how they buffed nasus, doubling (DOUBLING) his stacks - the sorry state adc has been left - newly released champs being way too op and i bet i don't even know the half of it i don't want this to be the usual rant, i'm just saying that i changed my mind and that i think the game is really unbalanced EDIT: reading what i wrote after few days... after the tilt train passed, i want to rectify i'm not a "balance team hater" afterall i love the game and i know the team is putting the effort in improving it, and they listen to the community, sure some decision remains questionable, but all in all i don't think they are incompetent or anything like that

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